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Black Cat Systems offers a variety of software programs and products, representing the diverse talents and interests of its developers. Most of our programs are available for both Windows and the Macintosh. Our products are listed below by category, click on any item to be taken to the product page for more detailed information. All of our software programs are available for download to try out before you buy.

Audio Programs  
Automated audio recording
Audio Toolbox
Audio function generator for the Macintosh
Prog Audio Gen
Create audio files containing a series of tones
Sound Byte
Digital sound effects at your fingertips
Synth 76477
Sound effects generator and synthesizer app
Graphics Programs  
Custom pdf files, containing text and shapes
Graph Paper Maker
Custom sheets of graph paper
Knitting Wizard
Custom knitting grids and diagrams
Label Wizard
Custom sheets of labels
Science and Health
Atomic Mac/PC
Periodic table of the elements
Unit conversion program
Diet Sleuth
Nutritional database and personal health logbook
Health Tracker
Keep track of and graph any health related measurement

Ham Radio
Black Cat SSTV
Mac and Windows SSTV app with emphasis on weak signal decoding
DX Toolbox
Shortwave propagation forecasting tool
Black Cat ALE
Multi-channel ALE Automatic Link Establishment decoder
Black Cat GMDSS
Multi-channel Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) decoder
Black Cat ALE Vacuum Cleaner
Decode ALE From SDR recording files
Black Cat NetFinder
Network callsign organizer and traffic analysis
Black Cat HF Weather Fax
Shortwave Radio weather fax decoding software for mariners
Black Cat ACARS
VHF ACARS decoding software
Helps you study for your amateur radio exams
Morse Mania
Morse code tutor for the Macintosh
RF Toolbox
Antenna design and electronics/electrical tool package
USB Icom CI-V Interface
Allows an Icom radio to be controlled from your USB port
Antenna Analysis Software
RF Impedance Matching Software
eQSL Factory
QSL Design Software
Amalgamated DGPS
Decode The Entire DGPS Band
Carrier Sleuth
Display high resolution carrier waterfalls
Software to play back SDR recording files
22m Beacon Kit
22 Meter (13560 kHz) Band Part 15 CW Beacon Kit
AirSpy HF+ Server
macOS Server App For AirSpy HF+ SDR
Cocoa 1090
Mode S (ADS-B) aircraft transponder decoder for macOS
Connects to online KiwiSDR receivers, routes audio to virtual audio devices without the need for a web browser
KiwiSDR Monitor
Continuously monitors your KiwiSDR receiver(s) and displays / notifies when a user tunes in or changes the frequency
CW Keyer For Beacons Kit
An automatic keyer for your CW beacon
Programmable 22m Beacon Kit
22 Meter (13560 kHz) Band Part 15 CW Beacon Kit
Jellyfish Matching Transformer
Universal Matching Transformer for Beverage / Longwire / Dipole / Random wire / K9AY / Flag / EWE Antennas
Cyclops Antenna Transformer
Available for 200, 300, or 450 ohms, SO-239 and F connector

iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch Software
dB Calc Drill Calc
Elmer Extra Elmer General
Elmer Tech Field Strength Calc
iAttenuate iFunctionGenerator
iSoundex iSweep
iUnit Photon Calc
RF Link Calc Transmission Line Calc
Weather Calc Wire Calc
iSoundByte Atoms To Go
Sound Byte Control Spectrum Pad
Function Generator Pad Morse Pad
NAVTEX Pad Packet Pad
iGeiger SSTV
HF Weather Fax Morse Mania
Sound Byte Radiation Map Tracker
Shortwave Broadcast Schedule DX Toolbox
ALE Automatic link establishment GMDSS
Feld Hellschreiber SelCall Tone Gen
Synth 76477 Godafoss QRSS Waterfall
Synth Motion Clik Trak
DGPS Decoder

Kety Frenzy

Android Software
Shortwave Broadcast Schedule ACARS Aircraft Decoder App
HF Weather Fax NAVTEX
SelCall Tone Gen Wire Calc
Audio Spectrum Analyzer Audio Function Generator
Radiation Map Tracker DGPS Decoder
Sound Byte Control

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